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Why Join BJC, you Ask?

Your participation presents an opportunity to use your voice and efforts to address the intersectionalities of DIVERSITY, GENDER, EQUITY, and INCLUSION for the unemployed and underemployed in all working-class communities throughout the city of Boston. The varying membership tiers of BJC provide specialized perks and engagement opportunities that provide another avenue to make new friends, learn new skills, and even advance your career.

How Can You Participate, You ask?

Well, you’re here… So it is clear that you want your support to have meaning and make a positive impact on others in Our Community.

Now let’s find a comfortable Member-Tier for you to begin gifting your time and resources for the economic betterment of Boston residents.

VOLUNTEER MEMBER (Minimum of 5hrs/mo)

COMMUNITY MEMBER (Minimum of 10hrs/mo)

ORGANIZATION MEMBER (Minimum of 15+hrs/mo)

Now, Let’s Get Into These Membership Tiers

VOLUNTEER Member Goodies:

*Member-Only training and education

*Access to recent Boston Job Postings

*Strengthgening your ties to the community and broadening your support network

*An opportunity to join in our efforts to fight for policy changes that advance the economic stations of deserving and underserved Boston residents

*Exposure to people with common-interests, neighborhood resources, and fun and fulfilling activities

COMMUNITY Member Goodies:

*Includes all Volunteer Goodies

*Committee and Leadership opportunities

*Oportunity for your talents and services to be promoted in BJC’s Quarterly Newsletter

*Interactive History-Education on The City Of Boston’s Economic Employment Roller-Coaster and how to GET BACK WHAT IS OURS!

ORGANIZATION Member Goodies:

*Includes all Community Member Goodies:

*Increase your organization’s visibility

*Strengthen your organization with our partnership

*Access to workshop and webinar opportunities

*Placement on BJC’s Social Media Platforms for brand exposure


Volunteer- $25 

Community Member – $6/mo or $60/yr

Organization Member – $7/mo or $75/yr